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How Do You Know You are Ready to Start a Business???

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Am I ready to start building a portfolio? This can also be interpreted as, am I ready to start a business? Simply because most people who wish to start building a port will be advertising and their intent is to start a business........

The simple answer is NO.........how can I say that without even seeing your work? Because you asked...........
Because in order to start any type of business, here is a check list..........
1. do you have the right equipment to do almost any job your asked to do?

2. Do you have the knowledge to use that equipment to it's fullest?

3. Do you have the knowledge to solve any problem that arises during the shoot. i.e. too much sun, wb is off, child won't stop crying, every shot is underexposed and you have no clue why, etc, etc, etc............if you know enough of this profession you can solve just about anything.

4. Do you truly understand why you chose the settings you did, or did you just 'bring the meter to 0'? Or heaven forbid, put the camera in auto? *Here is a cool tool: a camera simulator. http://camerasim.com/camera-simulator.html

5. Have you checked with your local laws on a few things, such as can you take a client to a local park for a shoot? If you plan on working out of your home, did you check with the local zoning laws? Check with the township on license's?

6. Did you talk to a good tax guy?

7. Did you get additional liability insurance? Not just for your home, but while you on location?

If you talking about starting a business, you better have all your business ducks in a row........you can work your 'business' as a hobby for awhile, it can take a long time to get established and working it as a hobby will work for most for the first year or several years if your not established yet...........working as a hobby has it's own set of rules, talk to a good tax guy.

I say a GOOD tax guy, not the guy next door who just got back from H&R Block...........

How do you know when your ready? You don't have to ask..........you know.

1. Take your time, learn this skill well.

2. Shoot family, friends and friends friends........do not charge..........you can use some for a port but these are learning shoots..........use them for that specifically.

3. After a few years, you just may be ready to build that port with real people or models. Use ONLY your best images in a port. By now, you should be able to tell the difference between a good image and a bad image.

4. MOST OF ALL. By the time your ready to become a professional photographer, you will have built your confidence. This is as important as your knowledge and equipment............I didn't say get cocky, you will never stop learning photography, just have confidence in your own work...........remember there is always someone who is better then you are, it will always be that..........

I see so many with new cameras who shoot some very nice stuff.......I have also seen many 4 year olds or teenagers shoot the same type of photo.........does this tell you anything? Many of the beginner images that come out pretty good, you got lucky, the camera did the magic.........if you can't explain how something was shot, why, show where the direction of the light is coming from, see bad color/shadows/exposure and know ways to improve an image........accept the fact you are a beginner and have a lot to learn...........this is why we are here, to help you. We are not bashing you, we are trying to guide you and keep you in the right direction........be grateful for our existence, you would be paying an awful lot of money to get some of the stuff you get out of this group, elsewhere............

With all of this aside, have fun and learn while your having fun, you'll know when your ready to open shop............!!!!

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