Friday, February 11, 2011

Learn Photography Resources

So most of what I've learned has been "self taught" through online resources and  books. I wanted to share some of these resources with other inspiring photographers!

My #1 Photography Resource: Bryan Peterson
He has two books (so far I've only read one, about to start on the 2nd): Understanding Exposure, and Understanding Photography Field Guide. Less than $20 on

He also has his own online photography school, a little more costly, but worth it if you have the cash!

#2 is Michael the Mentor - he has free basic photography tutorial videos on his website, and more in depth DVDs for sale for less than $50.

#3 is YouTube. Chances are if you want to learn about something, there's a video tutorial on YouTube. I've found tutorials on how to use my camera, lighting and composition, photoshop, etc.

And last, but NOT least! #4 is CafeMom. Yeah, if you're a dude, this one may not be for you. You will probably get eaten alive. But there is a group called Photo Mom's, and I have received wonderful advice, constructive criticism, and answers from these ladies. Several of them are professional photographers with AMAZING work, and I take their advice very close to heart.

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